Gawain is at home working in a multitude of styles, and the songs that he has produced and mixed have more than 30 million Spotify streams.  Highlights from his varied career include performing with the Utah Symphony, touring extensively as lead-guitarist for Grammy-winning world music and jam-band legend Mickey Hart, and producing a song for a Grammy-winning album (2005 Best Traditional Folk album).  Gawain's productions and original compositions, in genres ranging from acoustic guitar to 70's garage rock to electronic pop, have been featured frequently on tv (So You Think You Can Dance, American Idol, Keeping Up With the Kardashians and many more).


    "I enjoy many areas of music but most of all I love songs.  It's the most rewarding experience to start with a lyric/melody and add all of the musical elements, with the end result being a work of sonic art that is satisfying on many different levels." -Gawain