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“Gawain is a superb musician and producer with whom I've worked as much as possible since I met him.  I respect and trust his musical choices implicitly, and also he's fun to work with! I recommend him without reservation.”

    -Bonnie Hayes (songwriter for Cher, Bonnie Raitt, Bette Midler)

"No you can't have him because Gawain is my secret weapon.  I truly feel like he is a super human - capable of painting any musical color needed and he gives *just* the right amount.  Nothing is ever forced.  This man is, in my humble opinion, one of the most talented dudes out there. No joke."

     -Lia Rose

“Gawain Mathews is one of the finest musicians I have ever had the honor of playing with. In addition to his immense talent as a musician and artist, Gawain has an insane knowledge of his beautiful studio in the East Bay and it is there that he consistently delivers the finest sounds and textures possible. And he does it ALL. From getting awesome drum tones, to playing the perfect bass or mandolin part, to mixing, there are no finer hands for your project to be in. I approached him with a project for an upcoming movie recently. I had less than a week to deliver three mixed and mastered tracks for post production and I didn't even have any demos to play for him. The studio had an interest in using my voice on the project but beyond that they had nothing to go on. Gawain performed on, recorded, engineered, and mixed the tracks, and in less than a week all three tracks were accepted for placement in the film!!”

    -Tim Hockenberry (lead singer for the Transiberian Orchestra, America’s Got Talent semifinalist)

“Gawain is simply the most gifted guitarist, engineer, producer, and arranger i have ever worked with....he can pick it up and he can lay it down.....(and i've been doin' this for 50 dang years)......”

   -Donald McCrea 

“Gawain is a great listener, and gives me full attention and the time to express myself; he respects all my ideas while giving thoughtful, constructive input.  He's an amazing musician and can instantly change keys and styles for me, and draw from his stash of instruments until we find the best fit for each song.  He fills in for my weaker areas and enhance my strengths, and is a pleasure to know and to work with.”  

   -Bettina Moore

“Amidst great vibes, solid music and good fun, Gawain knows how to get the job done, and done quickly.  Time is money quite literally in the studio, and I can count on Gawain to tend to the details of each edit/track in the most efficient way possible.  He is vigilant about the details and yet doesn't get stuck in them or loose track of the larger goal.  Gawain's unique combination of talent, skills, focus, work style and track record of producing great results keep me coming  back for more.  I highly recommend Gawain to anyone looking to make kick-ass, independent recordings - great service, unbeatable prices and guaranteed good recordings!”

    -Lucia Comnes

“Professional, celestial, inspired—Gawain is amazingly fluent in a wide range of genres.  He easily and expertly uses his considerable musical palette in every aspect of our projects: producing, editing, mixing, composing, performing.  He brings his excellent care to my vision as an artist and the result is always magical and topnotch.”

     -Kathleen Dunbar

"What I appreciate most about Gawain's approach to music is the way he brings out the most honest feeling in whatever the style of song. This, combined with his serious dedication to all the technicalities of producing, recording and playing music, makes whatever he works on really excellent. I am grateful over and over for all that I have learned in the process of working with Gawain. The Rumi poem, "Let the beauty we love be what we do. There are a hundred ways to kneel and kiss the ground" says it perfectly. Gawain does this through music most effectively.”

   -Tamarind Free Jones

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