Gawain Mathews Music Studio is a full service recording studio.  Arranging songs, basic tracking, all manner of overdubs and final mixing: it's all done here!  The studio is equipped with a wide selection of top-quality microphones and pre-amps, two full drum kits, a Hammond C3 organ and Leslie speaker, half a dozen top quality guitar amps, acoustic and electric guitars and basses (Gibson, Fender, Gretsch, National, Santa Cruz, Breedlove, Rickenbacker...lots of guitars!), mandolins, banjos, accordion, glockenspiel and tons of percussion toys, plus many keyboard and cutting edge synth plugins.  The sonic possibilities are endless!  And most important is the Korby Kat 4, a tube microphone with interchangeable capsules to suit every voice.  (This mic, based on the best vintage vocal microphones and made by mad genius Tracy Korby, has been used by Prince, Kanye West and Tori Amos.  It's a serious vocal mic.)

   What sets this recording studio apart is that, if needed, I'll play the instruments.  So you're getting a producer, engineer and session musician all in one!  If you check out the samples on the "music" page you'll hear some of the different styles that are possible (on a lot of those tracks I play all, or almost all, of the instruments).  Or if you like, I'm happy to just engineer and give feedback where necessary.  I enjoy all the different roles that go into making music and can adapt quickly for whatever is needed.  

    Please call or email to set up a free introductory session.  (510) 741-8102